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How long does it currently take you to do the following...

  • Reconcile all your balance sheet accounts at month end?

  • Calculate and terminal account equipment rent/lease accruals based on mileage at month end?

  • Calculate and terminal account equipment licensing prepaids based on mileage at month end?

  • Calculate and terminal account equipment depreciation and amortization based on mileage at month end?

  • Reconcile daily bank deposit slips?

  • Enter pickup and delivery invoices?

Shall I go on or do you get the point I am making!

This software does all the above in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days. Really... It does! If your current software does not then consider switching to this software.

This software runs on Microsoft Windows and uses the multitasking abilities of the Windows Operating system, multiple processors and multi-core processors. We actually suggest the Windows Server Operating System.

This software includes fully integrated modules for Miscellaneous Billing, Freight Billing, Other Carrier Billing, Deposits (Cash Receipts), Expenses (Accounts Payable), Interline Payable, Subhaul Payable, Owner Operator Payable, Checks, COD, Petty Cash, Credit Card, General Journals, General Ledger, Bank Statements, Equipment, Document Imaging and Driver Dispatch.

Utilities for GL Accounting codes, Bank codes, Carrier codes, Credit Card codes, Customer codes, Location codes, Accounting Period codes, Petty Cash codes, Salesman codes, State codes, Terminal codes, User codes, and many more.

Auto rating for Freight Billing, Other Carrier Billing, Interline Payable, Subhaul Payable and Owner Operator Payable.

With various import and export capabilities, data can be quickly and efficiently imported rather than manually entered and exported into spread sheets for manipulation. If something can be exported then it most likely can be imported into our system reducing manually entered data by users.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is also available. Automatically create Freight Bills from a received EDI 211 set (Bill of Lading). The EDI 210 set (Billing) eliminates the need for mailing billing. The EDI 214 set (Shipment status) transmits delivery status to the customer.

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