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  • Bank Statements
  • Each Bank account is separately reconciled and maintained. All transactions, deposits and checks, are reconciled. Once all the items are reconciled the checkbook balance will match the Cash GL control account.

  • Checks
  • Records all the check transactions for all bank accounts. Entry, Correction and Inquiry of checks. Once the check is entered and posted the user can print the checks on preprinted forms.

  • Deposits
  • Cash Receipts. Records all the deposit transactions for all bank accounts. Entry, Correction and Inquiry of checks deposited. The entry is done on an individual invoice basis for each check on the deposit slip.

  • Expenses
  • Accounts Payable Expenses. Entry, correction and inquiry of expense invoices. This does not include COD, interline, owner operator or subhaul payables. Separate modules handle those items.

  • Freight Billing
  • Invoice entry, correction and inquiry. Also delivery status and tracing are some of the many tools available. Auto rating of freight bills is available.

  • Ledgers
  • General Ledger. Account auditing, reconciliation, trial balance and financial statements are available on a terminal location basis.

  • Interline
  • Interline Payable. Interline payable entry id done within the Freight Billing entry. Inquiries, reports and auto rating is avialable.

  • Recurring Journals
  • Recurring Journals include Amortization, Contract, Depreciation, Licensing, Prepaid / Accrual and Miscellaneous items. Each accounting period is journaled based on the entry information of the journal type. This method greatly reduces the repetative entry of information and simplifies the balance sheet month end reconciliation by automatically grouping the recurring journal items.

  • Miscellaneous Billing
  • The billing of miscellaneous items. Entry, correction and inquiry of items. A sample of items might include things like sale of equipment, subleasing, non operating income, non carrier operations and reimbursements.

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